The Prime Chicago Transformers Collector "Convention"
VIRTUAL PARTY Tue. Dec 29, 2020

UPDATES: 12/29/2020: PFCON 2020 IS TONIGHT!

About PFcon

PFCON is usually an overblown event that is really just a gathering of local Chicago and Midwestern TF fans at someone's residence to gawk and talk about Transformers. If you like transforming toys and love being an idiot for at least a day, PFCON is the place for you! We are going virtual this year to prevent us from subjecting ourselves to ultimate doom, but yes, THERE WILL BE TOYS!

PFCON 2020 will be an abridged virtual event in the form of an invite-only group zoom call.

PFCON 2020 will be held this month, on Tuesday the 29th in the year of our Bin, 2020. See the full schedule as it develops below.

PFCON Exclusives

In the fourth year of our lord, The Great Bin, PFCON 2020 will feature a whopping 20 copies of its exclusive package! That's one more than last year, do you understand the pattern that is forming?

This year's exclusive figure is none other than DECEPTIGTAR!!! It's available for order now at Bask in the glory of the first ever PFCON Exclusive that has a variant! You will either receive the good old Chicagocon deco or the devious Scalperbot Deco! The decos are split 50/50 and only 20 total are available in the year of our Great Bin, 2020.

PFCON 2020 Attendee Scalperbot Bumbleballz! You can only purchase this item if you are in attendance at the PFCON 2020 Virtual event, sorry suckers! Orders will be checked for authenticity before processed. Bumbleballz will be up for sale starting at 10:00PM CST at Collecticon Toys

PFCON2020 Bumbleballz Character Art

Also coming in hot is a surprise reveal of character art for a prize-only PFCON2020 exclusive, Sloptimus Crime!

PFCON2020 Sloptimus Crime Teaser

It has not been revealed yet how to get ahold of this toy but since it's a PRIZE EXCLUSIVE it may have something to do with games or events where you typically win things? Hmmmm...

If you want to know more about previous PFcon exclusive figures, please check out the brand new history section and learn something. There are now a total of 3 PFcon exclusive sets!

Meet The Chicagocons

It is still the year 2025. Autobots and Decepticons continue to wage war, but many disillusioned bots have deserted and taken refuge in the shadows of Earth’s great cities. Near the largest of the Great Lakes, a new faction of Cybertronians have emerged in the wake of the Battle of Chicago: The Chicagocons.

The Scalperbots don't seem to be letting up and their stink can be found around ever corner and back alley in this great human city of Chicago. Will anyone ever find a way to defeat them once and for all? A strange plague has befallen the humans and so the Chicagocons have found it much easier to roam the city streets without disguises in an attempt to quell the rising Scalperbot scourge. Armed with P3 in the form of the coveted MILLENIUM PARK BLASTER, DECEPTIGTAR has broken off from the group to check out an anonymous tip he found on Twitter up in Boys Town. Will he be safe out on his own, or will he need the help of his Chicagocon buddies to bail him out yet again?

Be sure to find out what happens in the fourth chapter of the Chicagocon saga at PFcon 2020!

PFCON 2020 Schedule

PFCON 2020 will be a 1-night only virtual event!

Tuesday, December 29th 10:00 PM CST

10:00 PM
Meet & greet mingle. Get comfortable because we're just gonna hang out for a bit and read the room a bit.

10:15 PM
Transformers Customizing Panel featuring Stephen Whittmak of @SwittCraft fame.

10:45 PM
PF-FFLE game #1 - GP: Loose Ghostbusters MP-10 Complete 2P: Earthrise Fast Track & Runabout 3P: PFCON Attendee Prize Exclusive Sloptimus Crime

11:00 PM
Netflix War For Cybertron Voice Actor Panel with Frank Todaro, the voice of Starscream!

11:30 PM
PF-FFLE game #2 - GP: Super 7 Transformers Bundle of 9 figures 2P: Earthrise Quintesson bundle (Judge & Allicon x 2) 3P: PFCON Attendee Prize Exclusive Sloptimus Crime

11:45 PM
First ever PFCON Panel! For realzies this time! We will discuss the new exclusive toys and how it came to be. We might have the famed Robots with Coffee Paul on deck to discuss this year's comic. Hosted by Sergio.

12:30 AM
PF-FFLE game #3 - GP: Netflix Wave 2 bundle of 7 toys 2P: Red Series set of 3 3P: PFCON Attendee Prize Exclusive Sloptimus Crime

12:45 AM
PFCON 2020 First Annual Bingo Game. Limited to 30 players!

1:15 AM
PFCON 2020 Quiplash using the new 3rd generation of the game!

1:45 AM
PF-FFLE Final Second Chance Game - GP: Amazon Siege Skywarp giftset damaged box 2P: PFCON 2020 Attendee Exclusive Collection 3 exclusives! 3P: Paradraon Medics Galactic Odyssey Set

2:00 AM
Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise Netflix Premiere viewing party.

What a better chance to watch some garbage with your friends before anyone else gets to complain about it before you do? We are going to marathon the entire season, all 6 episodes, good and wasted. You will be required to have your own netflix account and access to watch it yourself. The plan is to have live banter while the show goes on, because we'll need it. If you make it all the way to the end, there might be an ever specialer surprise for you! We couldn't think of a better way to relive the PFCON magic since we can't be together in person. It's just like the real thing! No sleep till 4 AM, but you get to crash in your own bed. The perfect marraige of shame and comfort in one tidy package.

So that's it! 6 hours of Transformers madness! Think you can handle it? Only the strong can survive PFCON so put your virtual big boy panties on and join the fun!


PFCON 2020 will be held online this year for very obvious reasons we won't go into. The best part about this is we don't have to worry about distance when it comes to allowing select VIP's to attend. The private link to the zoom call will be sent via email to the invitees.

Dealer room

There's no dealer room this year, ya dope. But our sponsors Collecticon Toys will be the sole place to find this year's PFCON exclusive figure. So you can consider their website to be the dealer room, if you must.


No PFCON is complete without the beverage of your choice, so stock up, buttercup. We ain't buyin' the booze this year, if that's your thing.

Raffle giveaway

The raffle prizes this year should not be underestimated! The raffle will be held live on the zoom call this year and every attempt will be made to make it a legitimate quality raffle. No cheats!

Examples of potential but un-confirmed raffle prizes:
MISB Transformers Product
Early Bird Transformers items like Earthrise Thrust!
PFCON 2020 Exclusives
Transformers Blankets made by PF's ex-girlfriend's mom

History of PFcon

We've hit the big time now: three+ years of shows!